Sarah J. Maas’ A Court of Silver Flames: A Must-Read for Fantasy Lovers

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Author: Sarah J. Maas

“A Court of Silver Flames.” is certainly a hate or love kind of book. Only because Nesta is the main character in this story. In the previous book A Court of Wings and Ruin, Nesta has certainly ruffled some feathers in terms of attitude.

I have avoided this book for a very long time. Not only am I inundated by the huge pile of books I want to get to. But it is also big and intimidating and the book surrounds Nesta, Fayre’s sister.

From what I read, you hate or love Nesta as a character in this book. She packs an insufferable attitude in this book. For at least a third of this book, you just want to throw the book and Nesta along with it out the window.

She has a self-destructive tendency to be mean to others with her words and downright wants to be in self-pity. It is hard to read and a lot of times you downright cringe at her actions and the motivations behind them.

When she finally has an intervention meeting because of her excessive drinking and gambling. She knows she has a problem but refuses the help. Regardless of the kindness of people who want to be there for her.

In this book, the conflict continues where A Court of Wings and Ruin has left off. Yes, the war is over, but the human Queens are still out to destroy the Night Court and they want the power that Nesta has stolen from the Cauldron.

Nesta can’t control those powers and is deeply afraid of this power. But of course, she could get training, but she shot that down with her horrible attitude.

Eventually, and I mean eventually, you see Nesta change and evolve into a better person overall through the means you don’t see coming. I can appreciate the change of heart attitude as the story develops.

Cassian was super patient through all of this, and I would have given up on the first strike from Nesta.

I do appreciate Nesta’s journey though. As annoying as she is, she had to learn to let go of her anger, resentment, and her guilt. Which, in anyone’s case, can be the biggest and hardest thing anyone can ever do.

The only qualm with A Court of Silver Flames that I have is the ending. It was over before you knew it. The 700 pages that I was taken through to have it end in the last 51. Do I wish it ended differently? Yep. But oh well, it was still good, and I can’t wait to read the next book in the series. Hopefully, it will be Elain’s story next.

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