A Captivating Tale of Magic: ‘Forged by Magic’ Book Review

Forged By magic book cover. Green orc and elf man sitting in from of a forged
Booktrovert Reader
Booktrovert Reader
Author: Jenna Wolfhart

Falling for Fables, #1


Read if you like:

✨Forced proximity

Found family

A little spice with your magical romance


Happy endings

This is an enchanting tale of a fantasy romance between a half orc and an elf was so delightful and such a different take. I loved how the story developed and the magic system in this world.

Jenna delivers a story that made me want to root for the Daella and Rivelins relationship and *sigh* at the happy moments on the island.

Even though Daella was kept captivated for well over a decade and was forced to find the dragon magic users or be turned into an ice sculpture. Being promised to give her freedom, she reluctantly agrees to this absurd quest.

But things don’t go as planned. Her ship is capsized and washed ashore on a beach where a grumpy elf greets her. Okay, extraditing a bit. Tolerating her. Because he knows who she is and who she works for. But he can’t get rid of her because the ships on the island won’t be back for weeks.

Rivelin is a grumpy elven blacksmith that wants to compete in the games that the island has. If he wins, he gets one magical wish from the island. But the problem is, he needs an assistant to help him compete. So, through some convincing from other villagers, in exchange for shelter, asks her to help him compete.

I love the action in this, the slow burn of the romance and overall the magical island in this. The villagers here as well crack me up.

Would certainly recommend this read if you want a cozy fantasy romance.

I received an advance review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.

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